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Man Crushed by U-Haul - Hospitalized 10 Months

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

It's a bit frightening to know that a six-ton moving truck with 234,000 miles on it had not been inspected before U-Haul leased the "Household Mover" to Talmadge Waldrip. An unsuspecting customer who was helping his daughter move, Waldrip was run over by the truck when the emergency brake didn't hold.

Ten months in the hospital and 14 surgeries later, U-Haul is claiming that Waldrip is at fault for not putting the truck in gear in addition to setting the brake - a transmission that was so worn it wouldn't engage unless the truck was moving. You would think a large entity like U-Haul would regularly inspect all it's vehicles - but according to this investigative story from WFAA News 8, U-Haul said it takes vehicles out of service IF customers report a maintenance need. How many average customers would notice things like a missing brake pad, a disconnected hose under the hood, or other issues noted by the article?

Read more about U-Haul's irresponsibility in this matter at the Dallas Injury Board. And if you or someone you know has wrongly suffered as a result of a defective or poorly maintained product, contact us today to discuss your legal rights. 1-877-659-1620.