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Truck Accident News

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 17th, 2008

Wow. Two more semi truck accident cases to report this week. One person was killed and two others were injured in a crash on I-84. Police said the semi truck crash occurred just after 7 p.m. during a road closure. The truck jumped both I-84 and Highway 30 after another large truck came up behind it and failed to stop in time.

"The left side of the International truck struck the right rear corner of the semi-trailer, splitting open the side of the truck," Lt. Gregg Hastings said with Oregon State Police.

Robert Loeh was the driver or the truck that failed to stop. His injuries were life threatening and he was later transported to Hood River Memorial Hospital. A passenger in his truck was ejected from the cab and died at the scene. Armin Ghorbanpoor of British Columbia was driving the other truck. He suffered minor injuries and was also transported to a hospital for examination.

Both drivers were using safety gear. In an unexpected twist, a huge load of shoes spilled out of the overturned semi and onto the roadway and several people ran onto I-84, trying to steal the shoes. Troopers did their best to stop them.

In other semi-truck accident news, a Texas man pleaded not guilty to felony charges related to the highway 99 pileup that killed 2 and injured another 68 people last fall. Morris Earl Taylor entered his plea Monday in Fresno County Superior court. He was charged with driving under the influence and causing injury and driving at a speed unsafe for conditions.

A judge set Taylor's bail at $20,000.