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Texas Truck Wrecks - How to Avoid Them & How to React after an Accident

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 17th, 2009

Truck driving accidents in Texas have, unfortunately, become very common. There have been an increasing number of fatal truck accidents in Dallas recently. With the increasing number of semi-trucks on Texas highways, combined with the long hours and fatigue many drivers experience, the prevalence of these accidents is not surprising.

There are a few tips from our truck wreck attorneys that drivers should know when driving near a truck on a Texas highway. Driving around trucks is very dangerous and proper precautions should be taken. Without taking these precautions, the likelihood of an accident is much more likely.

Do - Follow at a safe distance.

Don't - Tailgate where you have no visibility and are in danger from rubber or other objects being thrown into your car.

Do - Pass trucks quickly.

Don't - Hang out beside trucks. You could be in a blind spot or a tire could blow out beside you.

Do - Pay attention to turn signals. It?s the only way a driver has to signal his intentions.

Don't - Ignore turn signals and cut around trucks that are turning.

Do - Allow trucks to pass before pulling out.

Don't - Pull out in front of trucks when there almost to you.

Do - If you do pull out in front of a truck, accelerate quickly. If you accelerate to slow, you could get hit.

These tips can keep you and your family safe when driving on Texas highways. Questions about these tips? Contact our 18 wheeler accident lawyers for more information about your situation.