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Semi Truck Accident Spills Over 10,000 Lbs of Lobster on the Highway

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 31st, 2008

We've been trying to keep you up to date about all of the truck accidents occurring throughout the nation. Of course, this is an impossible task, as there are many that don't come through the news wires. Still, we do our best, because we feel like it's important to keep the public informed about the dangers of truck accidents.

For example, just this morning a semi truck accident occurred along State Road 45 in Indiana. The truck was traveling just west of Bloomington, when it lost control going down a hill. The trailer left the road and struck a utility pole and a try, jack knifing his truck.

This accident cut an AT&T fiber line and affected 5 counties south of Monroe County. The outage lasted for about 3 hours. AT&T crews are still on the scene attempting to make repairs.

Another tractor trailer accident has ended in a somewhat humorous outcome. A multiple vehicle accident on Rt. 395 south ripped open a refrigerated truck and spilled over 10,000 pounds of live lobsters and fish on the road. The town's director of public health ordered the load to be destroyed, however, other people had different plans for the load.

Rescue workers and Highway Department workers took seafood from the wreck, and police later discovered lobsters being sold at Periwinkles & Giorgio's restaurant from a truck in the parking lot. Officials discovered this and seized the remaining lobsters, freeing them in the Boston Harbor.

Luckily, these two semi truck accidents didn't end in tragedy (as many do).