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More Tractor Trailer Accidents Across the Nation

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 29th, 2008

A 72-year-old woman died after she was in an accident Friday in North Dakota. Barbara Mueller was driving a Ford Explorer north approaching a bridge, when she ran part of the cargo on a semi truck heading south. The driver of the semi truck was in a Freightliner semi, and had experienced engine trouble and broke down on the bridge. When he restarted his semi and began to proceed south along the highway, two vehicles approached the bridge.

The vehicle in front of Barbara Mueller struck the tractor trailer and Mueller followed in succession. Her vehicle sustained major damage and she died at the scene. According to the Highway patrol, the accident is still under investigation.

Another semi truck accident occurred on Interstate 24 this morning and closed the interstate at firefighters battled a fire caused by the crash. After the collision, the 18-wheeler's fuel tank exploded, spilling many gallons of diesel fuel to spill onto the interstate. Emergency workers were on the scene cleaning up the debris. It is not known whether anyone was injured at this time.

Tractor trailer accidents are disastrous events. Contact us immediately if someone you care about has been injured by a tractor trailer accident.