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Avoiding Car Accidents - Especially When You're Not in Them

Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 13th, 2009

Monday morning in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) means several things:

  • 1-35 through both Dallas (35E) and Fort Worth (35W) will be miserably clogged with traffic.
  • Woodall Rogers Freeway through Dallas will be a disaster.</li>
  • 1-45 will require more patience than I have for the day.</li>
  • I-20 and 1-30 will leave me shaking and white-knuckled, in part to awful construction and terrible road condition.
  • I-635 will require camping gear and an unnatural attention to brake lights.
  • US 75 will be stop-go-stop-go-stop-go - and this for a brand new highway!
  • I-820 will be a disaster and hardly makes the commute worth it.
  • The 121-183 merge and splits - I just can't talk about it.
  • 114 will require expletives.
  • The Tollway? Paying to sit in traffic? The Bush? Another six months and it'll be the same.

You get the point though: traffic in DFW is awful, especially coming off a holiday weekend.

But you're a great driver, right? Yet somehow you still end up in the mess of car wrecks, truck accidents, construction zones, 18 wheeler wrecks and rollovers, and a whole litany of other traffic slow-downs. Here's where a nifty little traffic website comes in handy. The Rasansky Law Firm is located in downtown Dallas, and we're always looking for new, inventive, and time-saving ways to get to the office every morning. This is our secret weapon for avoiding as much traffic as possible (short of working nocturnal hours). There's even a mobile version to monitor the situation once you're in the car, coffee in hand.

So here's to next Monday - and a better, traffic accident-free commute!