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24-Year Old 'Roof Surfer' Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

Submitted by jrlaw on Apr 4th, 2008

We all know how unsafe it is to ride in a car without wearing a seat belt; We all know how unsafe it is to open a car door while the car is in transit; We all know how dangerous it can be to ride in the back of a pickup truck.... Shouldn't we all also know how ridiculously irresponsible and dangerous it would be to climb out of a moving vehicle onto its roof and attempt to stand on the car while it speeds down the highway? Granted it's done in the movies all the time, but seriously.

A 24-year-old Arlington man tried to do just that Thursday night and fell from the vehicle onto the highway. While he was luckily not struck by any other cars on the road, he suffered life-threatening injuries and was flown by helicopter to the hospital. The accident remains under investigation.

There is no end to the absurdity of some people and their decisions. What if this young man had been struck by a vehicle or caused a major pileup? Many drivers and passengers alike do not realize the consequences of their actions and unnecessarily put the lives of others at risk. Have you been injured as a result of someone else's carelessness? Call 1-800 Attorney or fill out a Free Case Evaluation to see if you might have a case.