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UPS Truck Accidents

Submitted by jrlaw on Apr 8th, 2015

UPS Truck Accident Lawsuits

Many Texans depend on the services of delivery companies to send and receive packages. One such delivery company that’s not far from everyone’s lips is the United Parcel Service.

UPS has received its fair share of criticism due to the number of car accidents involving their drivers. In the last 24 months alone, UPS trucks have been involved in more than 750 accidents where someone was injured, and over 60 where someone was killed (according to the FMCSA's SAFER company snapshot).

UPS runs a fleet of nearly 100,000 delivery vehicles. Established in 1907 as a way of meeting the demand by consumers for a delivery service that is both convenient and affordable, the company is now a billion-dollar wordwide entity serving over 220 countries.

Causes of UPS Truck Accidents

Given the massive and continuous demand for package delivery, UPS truck drivers in Texas have to work extremely hard to make sure that packages are delivered in a timely manner. This put immense pressure on the drivers to "do what it takes" to make sure that the job is done. This may include driving long distances without rest, speeding, making quick turns even neglecting to set the parking brake when making a delivery.

In addition, UPS has in the past been known to hire less-than-qualified drivers for the sake of meeting demand as well as to keep overhead costs low. This leads to unnecessary truck accidents which sometimes cost innocent lives.

UPS Truck Safety

If you are ever in the close proximity of a UPS truck while driving in Texas, it’s important to pay attention to the road more than you usually do. Owing to the large sizes of these vehicles, it may be very hard to know when to overtake or make a lane change since their drivers have a larger than normal blind spot. Make sure to keep a good distance at all times and follow the traffic rules closely.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for enforcing transport regulations and ensuring road safety is a priority among all road users. The body has requirements that need to be met by large commercial vehicles (such as those used by UPS truck drivers) on issues such as maintenance, licensing, hours of service, drug and alcohol screening and more.

Hiring a Texas Truck Accident Law Firm

If you’ve been involved in a car accident with a UPS box truck or tractor trailer, it’s in your best interests to get in touch with a god personal injury law firm. There's no risk in calling as the consultation is free, and we may be able to take on your case for absolutely no up-front costs.

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