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Is your GPS navigation deadly?

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 4th, 2009

What is it with gadgets that people do not know how or when to use them? Dallas Oak Cliff area experienced two automobile accidents yesterday.

One was related to mechanical failure and the auto careened down a rocky embankment and landed in a creek bed. No one was reported with serious injuries.

The second accident was preventable. WFAA-TV reported that a Dodge Ram pickup truck ran a stop sign and crashed in to a van carrying 11 elderly passengers from a local community center. Daniel Toscano who tried to help said, "I ran over there; I saw the van on top of the lady's head," He and a group of neighbors tried to lift the van and pull the woman out but she died on the scene.

A GPS is supposed to make you a safer driver when you use it correctly. Why did this accident happen? Because someone was reportedly playing with their GPS system instead of following GPS safety rules. Where did that get him?