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ALERT: Ford Recalls 14.3 Million Vehicles

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 15th, 2009

A defective cruise control switch is responsible for a total of 14.3 million vehicles being recalled by Ford Motors. The reason for the recall is the concern that the switch could start a fire. The total recall is the largest in history for addressing a single issue. All of the vehicles involved in the recall fall within the years 1992-2003.

At the root of the issue are 1.1 Ford Windstar minivans that run the risk of catching fire due to switches that are leaking. Ford has emphasized that the potential threat is small, but they are recalling them because of a few fires linked to this problem. Also being recalled, are several other models that fall under the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury headings. These other models have had no such reported issues, but are being called back because they have the same switches. For a complete list of all recalled vehicles, click here.

Car recalls such as these serve an important purpose. Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for producing a safe product and if defects are realized later, then a recall must be issued to ensure public safety. If your car is recalled, in particular for a safety issue, be sure to take it in to be repaired. This repair will be done at no cost to you; the manufacturer is responsible for the cost of recall repairs.

If you have been harmed, or your vehicle or property damaged by a defective vehicle you should seek legal advice. Our team is experienced in this area and can advise you about your options. Take a moment to fill out our form for a free evaluation of your case.