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Reglan Linked to Neurological Disorder

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 5th, 2009

On Feb. 26, 2009 the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers against the “chronic use of metoclopramide-containing drugs [including Reglan] in order to treat gastrointestinal disorders.” The governmental organization stated that all companies now selling metoclopramide must add a boxed warning stating explicitly its potential effects when used in high dosages or over a long period of time. The continual using of this drug, the FDA stated, was “linked to tardive dyskinesia”, which is described as “repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements” by some encyclopedias.

The drug metoclopramide is made available in many forms including tablets, syrups and injections. One of the most popular brand names for metoclopramide is Reglan. The FDA estimated that over two million people are currently using these types of products.

Drugs.com states that Reglan is used to increase muscle contractions in a person’s “upper digestive tract.” This quickens the process of the stomach emptying contents into the intestines. It is usually prescribed for heartburn symptoms indicative of a gastro-esophageal reflux condition or for some cases involving diabetes.

Besides the FDA’s warning, it is stated on Reglan’s warning label that the drug has the potential to cause:

• Tremors
• Facial change
• Stiffer muscles
• Confusion
• Rapid Heart Beat
• Depression
• Hallucinations
• Swelling
• Jaundice
• Seizure

The companies that make Reglan and other Metoclopramide drugs assume product liability when they release it to the market. If you have been prescribed one of these dangerous drugs and suffered immensely for it, then you may have a product liability case against the makers of Reglan on your hands.

You need a smart and experienced lawyer to help you through this difficult process! If you have a bad experience with Reglan, contact the Rasansky Law Firm at 1-800-ATTORNEY and tell your story!