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Mr Clean Magic Eraser Can Cause Chemical Burns

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

Many non-toxic products that contain cleaning agents such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can cause chemical burns on the skin. Non-toxic refers to ingesting a product, and does not speak to other possible issues like chemical burns, skin or eye irritation and other possible harmful effects. Skin abrasions are are also possible if magic eraser products are rubbed directly on the skin, making any chemical burns even worse due to the chemicals coming in contact with unprotected layers of skin. Although reports of chemical burns caused by magic eraser products have surfaced, reports have not been confirmed in medical literature or other media. If you use magic eraser products or any other product that contains chemicals, follow the precautions printed on the label carefully. For minor cases of skin or eye irritation, immediately flushing the affected area thoroughly with water can help prevent more serious effects. In any case of chemical irritation or ingestion, a doctor's advice is always the best way to know if the issue could cause future problems.

Just because a product is non-toxic, that does not guarantee it's not dangerous in the wrong conditions.