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Dining Out? Take a Tip: Be Careful What You Order

Submitted by Anonymous on May 11th, 2009

No longer is the catchphrase "Snakes on a Plane" appropriate. We've upgraded to "Snakes on a Plate."

This story falls into the dual categories of gross and unbelievable: last week, a regular diner a New York-area TGI Friday's was appalled to find a decomposing snake head underneath his broccoli. The diner, certainly with a stronger stomach than I, was able to snap several photos of the snake with his cell phone before reporting his finding to the waiter (who gagged) and the manager (who was apologetic).

I can only imagine how -that- conversation went.

The story updated over the weekend with news about the snake head itself: it wasn't cooked, leading everyone to believe that rather than get caught in the machines responsible for harvesting broccoli (as happens from time to time), it was instead placed on the plate after leaving the kitchen.

And in another recent restaurant saga, revealing the true power of social and viral media, two employees of Domino's Pizza were recently fired and under legal charges after the enterprising morons decided to act in unsanitary ways with food intended for Domino's customers, putting their escapades on video, then uploading them to YouTube. A sleuth at the Consumerist tracked down the specific location of the chain pizza store; scroll down to the bottom of the page for full updates on the story.

Certainly we've all had our restaurant food horror stories, but never before have the videos and photos spread with such ease. Interested in the latest updates with your favorite food chain? Several cities are now implementing restaurant cleanliness grades and mandating these grades be posted to the public. It's estimated that more than a thousand people are made sick each day from unsanitary restaurant conditions.

Have you been sick or hurt by a local restaurant? Contact our restaurant lawyers for a complimentary review of your personal situation. We can assist you in determining whether your case was a mere fluke - or if the offending restaurant has a history of negligent food preparation.