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Defective Product Recall: July 2009

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 10th, 2009

Four consumer products were recalled today: smoke alarms, tea kettles, sports balls and children's pullover jackets. Each of these items was recalled because of potential danger and risks involved with each product’s use.

Less than 100,000 Kidde dual sensor smoke alarms (model PI2000), have been recalled because electrostatic discharge, which can possibly damage the unit. Once damaged, these sensors do not warn consumers of a fire properly. There have been at least two different reports involving electrostatic discharge during installation.

Approximately 142,000 Copco Harmony tea kettles have been recalled. The tea kettle’s lid is prone to come loose during use, which increases the owner’s possibility of suffering a burn. There have been at least 25 reported incidents of the lid coming loose which has caused second degree burns, usually to hands and fingers.

92,000 packages of DesignWare Sport Balls in the US and Canada have been recalled because the basketball’s surface contains high amount of lead, a violation of paint standards. If ingested by children, the lead is extremely toxic. Each of these packages contains a mini-basketball, mini-football, mini-baseball and a mini-soccer ball.

More than a hundred Hard Tail girl’s hooded jackets and pullover sweatshirts have also been recalled today. These garments pose a danger because they have drawstrings through the hoods or waists which can strangle children. Although many have been recalled, there have been no reported incidents involves injuries to anyone.

For details about any of the recalls, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

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