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Cribs and Clothing and Microwaves, Oh My!

Submitted by Anonymous on May 13th, 2009

The news over the past week has focused on the dangers of consumer products, including exploding microwaves, water-based face paints, defective baby cribs, and injuries stemming from a front-fork failure of bicycles.
What's there to do to protect yourself, your friends, and your family?
The most painstaking process at this point is simply an online search of the product you're looking to purchase. Mobile devices certainly make this process easier, but unless there are several hazardous occurrences with a particular product - or you're willing to spend a considerable amount of time looking for information - it may be impossible to find any information as to the safety of a product. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission not only publishes regular recall and dangerous product notices, but also enables consumers to receive regular updates via email.
Worried about your child's toys and whether or not they're safe? UnsafeProducts.com maintains separate categories for

Review the CPSC.gov and UnsafeProducts.com websites regularly, and be sure to provide any injury reports to the CPSC.