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Some Slippery Statistics on the Workplace Injury

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 15th, 2009

According to the Breau of Labor Statistics there are over one million incidents of slip and fall at work injuries. How serious can a trip be? Very serious, in fact 17,000 injured persons die from those seemingly minor injuries each year. We have been taught to laugh at trips and falls from TV shows and movies, so we may not always think of such incidents as serious accidents that affect a person’s life. Nevertheless, 15 percent of all major work injuries that happen on the job are a job injury and they involve slipping, tripping or falling. In fact, the CDC states that same-level falls are more common than elevated falls.

Such an unexpected workplace injury could result in the fracturing of a body part or perhaps even in a traumatic brain injury. Slip and fall at work injuries have also resulted in permanent disability, long-term medical complications and of course lost wages.

Lawyers.com states that in order to receive personal injury compensation for a slip and fall injury, usually there must be one of four things:

  • A foreign object in the walking path
  • An impediment on the ground
  • A hole in the surface
  • A failure in the interface between the ground and a person’s shoe.

The employer has the obligation to pay you worker’s compensation if you were injured on the job during company time and doing the task your employer requested. If you do not get adequate worker’s compensation for the injury or if there is some other circumstance that makes your compensation contract unacceptable (or if you’re fired) then you can take your employer to court.

You never really know how your case will stand up in court until you talk to a lawyer. Only a lawyer knows your rights and can analyze the specific details of your possible case. For a free consultation contact the Rasansky Law Firm. Find out more about your workplace injury by calling 1-800-ATTORNEY.