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Six Flags Under Fire for Two Separate Accidents

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

The Six Flags Over Texas ride, the Texas Tornado, is certainly making wind in news this week. Sunday night (March 9) five Six Flags guests were injured when a mechanical bearings malfunction caused an unexpected interruption. Some of the chairs were jarred as the ride was quickly lowered in response to the safety mechanism. One adult woman was taken to the hospital for back pain and four other guests sustained minor injuries and were treated in the Arlington theme park's first aid area.

The ride has since been closed for inspection and repair, but is that enough? One Oklahoma resident doesn't think so. Trista Price was one of nine guests who were injured by the same ride in March of 2006 - again for mechanical failure in the bearings that make the ride spin. She filed a lawsuit this week against both the park for negligent operation and maintenance, and against Chances Rides Manufacturing for selling Six Flags a "defective and unreasonably dangerous ride." Price suffered back injuries from the 2006 incident.

While we expect to experience a thrill when visiting amusement parks, we should never truly fear for our safety. Should the ride have been permanently closed after the first incident? Why did the accident happen in the first place? We need to assure the safety of innocent parkgoers. If you or someone you know has been injured as the result of an amusement park accident, contact an Amusement Park Attorney.