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How an Amusement Park Accident Turned Ugly

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 15th, 2009

The last thing anyone has in his or her mind is getting involved in an accident when visiting a fun park. These accidents come suddenly and unexpected. One minute you are enjoying the thrills of entertainment - the next minute you can be sad you were a part of an amusement park accident. A prime example happened at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom on June 21, 2007. A young girl was riding a popular ride, when suddenly her feet were severed.
An old cable was broken, causing the young girl to be rushed to the hospital. Over four surgeries later, the girl’s right foot was reattached. However, her left foot was fitted with prosthesis. In all, her family medical expenses totaled close to $500,000. In the premise liability lawsuit afterwards, Six Flags was negligent in three areas:

  • Failure to properly inspect, maintain, and operate the ride.
  • Park workers failed to follow the ride’s manual to detect problems with the faulty cable.
  • Failure to stop the operation of the ride after the cable broke.

Altogether, state officials determined that the roller coaster injury could have been limited to simple cuts and bruises if only the ride attendant had pushed the emergency stop button to cease operations. You can read more about this premise liability incident here.
Amusement park accidents can happen when it’s least expected. Saferparks.org lists how to be safe at amusement parks.
Rasansky Law firm is committed to serving individuals who suffer injury from a amusement park accident. If you are a victim of one, do not hesitate to fill out our case evaluation form. Our team will gladly review the facts of your situation.