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Hepatitis with Your Happy Meal?

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 22nd, 2009

The number customers suffering from hepatitis contracted at a McDonalds restaurant in Illinois is rising. There are now 20 confirmed cases of hepatitis, and more are to be expected. As more people become sick, outrage is growing because McDonalds knowingly employed someone with hepatitis A, a form of premises negligence, leading to these illnesses.

An estimated ten thousand people are believed to have been exposed to hepatitis A. If not treated within 14 days of exposure, hepatitis A primarily infects the liver and cause illness. It is difficult to treat hepatitis cases as it takes 15 to 20 days for symptoms to appear after contracting the disease. Many of the McDonalds customers did not have preventative hepatitis shots and cannot afford them because they are not covered in average health insurance policies.

The McDonalds in questions claims the infections were not detected until July 13. One of the employees who contracted hepatitis A claims that she was diagnosed June 20 and told the restaurant several days later. If this accusation is proved true, it appears as though McDonalds did not take sufficient action to prevent customers from contracting hepatitis A.

This lack of foresight from McDonalds should lead customers who have contracted this virus to take legal action. There is precedent against McDonalds as many restaurants have been in the same situation as McDonalds. Many of these customers affected by hepatitis A and have won large lawsuits after seeking legal action.