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Cowboys Accident Update

Submitted by Anonymous on May 6th, 2009

There are several updates to this week's major DFW story on the collapse of a Dallas Cowboys rookie practice facility in Irving, Texas - see our earlier article on the facility collapse to get up to speed on these events:

First up: an expansive article from Sports Illustrated about all the possible legal angles of the Cowboys facility collapse, including administrative charges from OSHA, personal injury claims regarding premise liability, defective or unsafe product liability, and contractual liability between the Cowboys organization, the players union, and the NFL. [A quick note on this article: we said it first!]

Second: more evidence is coming to light regarding the facility collapse, including an engineer who's distancing himself from the case, the lack of inspections on the part of the Cowboys, and videos of aerial footage of the collapse.

Third, Cowboys players and coaches are still receiving medical treatment. Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis underwent surgery yesterday to repair a broken vertebra in his neck; scouting assistant Rich Behm remains hospitalized, paralyzed from the waist-down; assistant athletic trainer Greg Gaither underwent surgery to repair his broken leg.