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City Inspector Arrested in New York City Crane Collapse

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

City Inspector Arrested in New York City Crane Collapse

New York City officials have ranked last weekend’s fatal crane collapse among the city's worst construction accidents, killing seven people, destroying a townhouse, and causing serious damage to five other buildings. All in an event that likely would have been prevented had 46-year-old Edward Marquette actually performed the inspection he claimed to have done. Marquette, an inspector in the building department's division of cranes and derricks, was arraigned and released without bail yesterday on charges of falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing.

Several safety complaints had been logged by area neighbors in the days and weeks before the collapse, including one warning that the crane was "not sufficiently braced against the building." Other concerns were illegal hours worked by the crews and that the building was going up too quickly. In addition to his arrest, Marquette has been suspended from his job. The department will perform a full audit of Marquette's inspection reports and every construction crane in use in New York City is undergoing inspection.

Though relatively rare, it is clear that large construction accidents can be extremely detrimental. Even most smaller incidents are the result of something that could have been avoided had proper safety measures been followed. If you or someone you know has obtained injuries as the result of a construction accident, contact a Personal Injury Attorney to see if you have a case and discuss your legal options.