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What Breeds of Dogs Are Prone to Bite the Most?

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 23rd, 2009

Although there isn’t a specific list of dogs that constantly bite humans, there are a few breeds that are frequently known to attack. According to Animal People, Pit bull terrier, Presa Canario, and Rottweiler breeds are primary suspects in many dog bites. German Sheppard, Husky, Chow, Boxer, and Akita breeds are also known to attack, but with less frequency. With that said, almost any dog breed can be aggressive and cause dog bites on humans.

A growing epidemic in the US, dog bites are serious attacks against a human being. According to a national pet owner’s survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, there are 74.8 million dogs in the US. When looking at the statistics of dog bites in age brackets, no one is truly safe from these vicious attacks. However, children between the ages of 1-9 were most prone to dog bites. The second most frequent attacks are on age groups in the 50-74 bracket.

Why do dog bites occur?

There are many factors as to why dogs become aggressive. A dog can suddenly become frightened or surprised and react unexpectedly. This usually happen when the dog isn’t comfortable being social with people. Poorly trained dogs are also prone to attack due to a lack of discipline. If bred to intensely protect a territory or person, a dog will attack. Altogether, it falls upon how the dog is raised and how much love it receives from the owner.

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