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What Are the 5 Worst Medical Insurance Companies?

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 6th, 2009

We are being brainwashed to accept the value of insurance companies, regardless of whether they hurt or help us. Of course, some insurance companies are known for doing the right thing at the right time. However, there are plenty of insurance companies that have gained a notorious reputation for their low practices.

It must be some sort of “karma” then that several health and medical insurance companies have been listed online as the “worst medical insurance company.” What are some of the findings of these worst of the worst lists?

The American Association of Justice (AAJ) decided to name the worst medical insurance company (and a few other types of insurance providers) for their project entitled The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America – How They Raise Premiums, Deny Claims and Refuse Insurance to Those Who Need It Most.

Who received dishonorable mention? Much to the industry’s surprise some of the biggest names in health insurance made that list. Not all of the 10 listed companies were affiliated with medical or health insurance but these five companies are households names for health insurance.

1. Allstate
2. AIG
3. State Farm
4. Conseco
5. United Healthcare

Another worst medical insurance company list, this one from Reuters, (reporting on the DAVIES’ Third Annual National Payor Survey of Hospital Executives) reported that while some companies came up smelling like a rose (Aetna) some well known companies like United Healthcare (who was also mentioned in the previous list) hit rock bottom.

Therefore, it’s only fair to name UnitedHealth as the #1 medical insurance company since it made a mark on both listings and actually prompted Nathan Kaufman, a national healthcare strategy consultant and managing director, to lament, “Three years in a row shows a clear trend. United`s bad reputation seems to be an outcome of a deliberate business strategy, approach to negotiations and set of business practices.”

There are many individual consumers who have their own suggestion for the “worst medical insurance company” because only they have experienced the ugly side of their insurance company firsthand. If your health insurance company is greedily denying you coverage that they promised, you can take action.

Don’t believe the brainwashing by your insurance company. They sometimes make big mistakes and are unwilling to own up to them. The Rasansky Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit against an insurance company and set things straight. Call 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free consultation.