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Filing a Lawsuit for Slip and Fall Injuries

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 31st, 2010

Slip and fall injuries cause many people pain and suffering every year. These injuries oftentimes take place in commercial establishments. When you go into an establishment that opens their doors to you, you have a reasonable expectation that you’re entering a safe environment. Unfortunately, lacking signage and slippery floors oftentimes result in people being hurt, sometimes severely. The lawsuits that sometimes arise from these situations are not frivolous nor are they excessive. Depending upon your health, a slip and fall injury can cause serious harm.

If a shopkeeper hasn’t placed signage on a floor that’s recently been washed, they’re not serving their customers well. It’s almost impossible for anyone to tell when a floor is wet unless there is a sign indicating as much. What’s more, customers don’t expect that they’re walking into what amounts to a skating rink when they go to a commercial establishment. This means that there is definitely blame to go around when someone is hurt. A personal injury lawyer is your best option if you’ve been hurt in this way. They can look at the situation and see if you have a case, oftentimes in the space of a free consultation.

Remember that you do have a right to expect safety in any establishment you enter. Commercial establishments carry insurance to insulate them against lawsuits, so there’s obviously a lot of precedent for this type of litigation. You can protect yourself, however, with a bit of common sense. Remember that any retail establishment may have hundreds of people pass through its doors every hour and that you can avoid some obvious dangers by paying attention to the situation around you. Near doors, for instance, exercise caution when it’s wet or snowing outside. If someone in the store is using a mop, stay away from their section of floor.

There will be cases, however, where you may be injured through no fault of your own. A personal injury law firm is there to represent you in these cases. They can make sure that your rights are respected and that, if you have a valid claim, that you have the option to file a lawsuit and possibly recover damages for pain and suffering, as well as medical expenses. Contact one of these law firms to see if you have a case and, if you do, if you stand a good chance of winning.


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