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Man Charged in Deadliest Crash in OK History Involving DFW Locals

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 22nd, 2009

This week Donald Creed, a 76-year old man from Missouri, was charged with 10 misdemeanor counts of negligent homicide for a maximum of 10 years jail time for crashing his tractor trailer into stopped traffic on an Oklahoma turnpike. The crash happened last June. Out of the 10 killed, three were from Frisco and one was from Denton. Authorities say this was the deadliest crash in Oklahoma history. Click here for the full story. According to the Motor Carrier Management Information System, large truck accidents happen frequently. The Texas 2008 Preliminary Crash Facts: 14,086 large trucks and 1,314 buses involved in non-fatal crashes 5,475 large trucks and 690 buses involved in injury crashes 8,325 injuries in crashes involving large trucks and 1,775 injuries in crashes involving buses 8,611 large trucks and 624 buses involved in tow-away crashes 251 large trucks and 0 buses involved in hazmat placard crashes If you, or someone you love, have been in an accident involving trucks, 18 wheelers or semis, please call us at 1-877-659-1620 or fill out our fee case evaluation form.