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Cathedral Rock Nursing Home Guilty of Horrendous Nursing Home Abuse

Submitted by jrlaw on Jan 14th, 2010

While nursing home abuse is common in today’s society, one hardly expects to encounter such graphic images as reported at a nursing home owned by Cathedral Rock in Fort Worth, TX. The Star Telegram reported on the story and stated that the U.S. Attorney found the nursing home staff responsible for gross nursing home negligence, considering that “it did not bathe, adequately, feed or provide toileting for people.”


Additionally, the staff of this nursing home reportedly left the wounds of some of its residents untreated for so long that maggot infestation began. Some of the residents required amputations of their infected body parts because of the abuse of these nursing homes. Along with a neglect of nursing home claim, the U.S. Attorney also discovered that the nursing home cheated the federal Medicare program.


The government has already filed criminal and civil penalties against the nursing home for abuse of the elderly and will receive $1.6 million dollars in settlement. The Star Telegram also reported that company owner C. Kent Harrington, of Fort Worth, entered into a criminal deferred prosecution agreement for a two-year period. Slaps on the wrist not withstanding, the nursing home will still continue to receive healthcare payments from taxpayers.


Cathedral Rock states on its Web site that it puts “Integrity first, service above self and excellence in everything we do.” The executive vice president of the company, Michael S. Evans, went on record stating, “On this issue with the maggots, that I think was something that was alleged against the building during a prior operator's tenure. I wasn't familiar with that piece of it.”


Cathedral Rock owns and operates five facilities in Missourri, and five in Texas. As it appears now, no other action will take place against Harrington or the nursing home who tolerated the elder abuse.


However, the individuals who have been hurt because of elderly abuse still have rights! If one of your family members was injured and humiliated because of elder neglect of Cathedral Rock or any other nursing home, contact the Rasansky Law Firm immediately to talk to a nursing home abuse attorney. You can speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer free of charge and take decisive action!

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