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No Malpractice Insurance at Many Nursing Homes

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

Many Oklahoma nursing homes are under the operation of shell companies without assets or insurance, said the executive director of the Oklahoma Center for Consumer & Patient Safety in a news conference today. With the growing number of cases of nursing home abuse and neglect, this is bad news for patients and families who are seeking legal justice in such cases. And it's not just happening in Oklahoma.

Our firm has recently investigated numerous horrific claims of negligence and abuse in Texas nursing homes, just to find out that said homes have very limited or absolutely no insurance coverage. The defense costs and court fees before a case even goes to trial often depletes the little insurance some of these nursing homes have (called a ?depleting policy?), with no funds left to cover a potential judgment. Because many nursing homes have financial statements showing that they consistently operate at a loss, they can claim to be ?judgment-proof.?

Learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect and your legal options if you have a loved one who has been the victim of such circumstances.