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Monitoring Devices in Nursing Home Rooms

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 19th, 2009

Some employees at a nursing home in Rochester, NY have recently found themselves in some trouble, not for something they did, but for what they did not do. As explained in an article on pressconnects.com, after numerous complaints of neglect to the nursing home and ultimately the State Attorney General’s office, the family of one of the residents allowed a camera to be installed in their loved one’s room. The staff had been claiming that residents were being properly cared for and had written records to back them up. During daily visits to the facility, the family involved had often observed staff reading magazines, watching movies and generally relaxing while on the job. Though their family member could not verbally communicate, they noticed signs that he was not being cared for. The surveillance footage proved the family right about the nursing home neglect.

As a result of this case, 14 employees were convicted for making false claims of providing care. The truly lasting benefit though, is that nine nursing homes in New York will now be installing electronic point-of-care devices in every patient’s room. As outlined on ADL Data Systems, these kinds of devices allow easy-to-use data entry on a wall mounted or hand-held screen. The system eliminates complicated paperwork and information is recorded as the care is being performed. The hope is that this system will help reduce the incidence of nursing home neglect by requiring staff to visit and record data in each patient’s room. Also, since the process is automated, it will hopefully lessen errors and ensure that all steps are followed.
With a personal device in room, the level of care will likely be higher, but does not completely eliminate the threat of nursing home abuse or neglect. If you have a loved one who has been mistreated in a nursing home, then we can advise you of your best course of action. We are experienced this area and will assess your case free of charge.