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Dementia Residents in Nursing Homes

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 18th, 2009

Dementia refers to a condition whereby people lose the ability to perform mental skills that affect someone’s day-to-day life. For instance, dementia can specifically affect a person’s memory – as well as how a person plans and thinks in general. Unfortunately, dementia usually does get worse in time – but how fast a person’s condition deteriorates varies from person to person.

Symptoms of Dementia
As mentioned, one of the symptoms of dementia is memory loss and usually family and friends are the ones to notice this specific symptom. However, often people also notice that they may get lost in areas that they should be more familiar with, or they have trouble understanding or even using some words in certain contexts.
Moreover, people may also start to exhibit some more profound symptoms. For instance, they may stop looking after their hygiene in the proper manner, or they may stop washing or even brushing their teeth. Some people also become quite child-like or conversely, they may become scared and get violent with others out of fear and/or frustration.
What Causes this Dementia?
There are a number of reasons why dementia occurs. Some of the causes of dementia include: brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism, drug abuse, thyroid problems, vitamin B12 deficiency and certain prescription drugs.
It is no surprise that people with dementia are more likely to suffer from nursing home abuse due to their condition. Some of the forms of abuse that can occur include sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
Consequently, if someone you know has suffered from nursing home abuse, you could be eligible to seek monetary compensation to help compensate for your loved one’s pain and suffering. Call us or complete our form today to discover if we can help you learn about your legal rights regarding this unfortunate situation.