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Safety Month - August Newsletter 2009

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 21st, 2009

Insider Report
Online Social Networking
If you are involved in an on-going injury case, we advise our clients to minimize your online communications and postings. Sometimes a comment or thought you put down can be misconstrued and harmful to your case. It helps to read up on information about personal injury law. - LEARN MORE -

For Your Safety
Bed Rail Safety Tips
There is a growing concern for loved ones who have to use a hospital bed. Whether they are in nursing homes, hospitals or care centers there is an increasing number of injuries or death related to entrapment between ill-fitting mattresses and the side rails. - GET TIPS -

Resource of the Month
Daycare Abuse Booklet
If you have not already downloaded a FREE copy of our daycare abuse book, do so now or pass it along. Also coming up within the next quarter will be two more helpful resources. Keep a look-out for our 'Insider's Legal Guide' on vehicle accidents and medical malpractice. - FREE BOOK -

Notes from Rasansky
New Web and Social Media Director
The Rasansky Law Firm continues to grow our online connections with YOU. We welcome aboard Lucinda who will be looking for your feedback on our Facebook Fanpage and comments on our blogs. She will also be twittering with you online so keep your input coming. - WRITE US A REVIEW -

Did You Know?...
Top Ten Worst Insurance Companies
The American Association for Justice identified the ten worst insurance companies in America. They were defined by how they raise premiums, deny claims and refuse insurance to those who need it most. - DOWNLOAD REPORT -