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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis - One Woman's Story

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 28th, 2009

A Tennessee jury has recently awarded a large medical malpractice payment to a woman and her husband who were involved in a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. Had the plaintiff’s doctor taken the proper procedures to examine her correctly, she might have had an easier recovery to her cancer.

The lawsuit was filed by the Hill family who alleged their doctor ignored Mrs. Hill’s complaints that she had an unusual lump in her breast. Mrs. Hill’s suspicions were confirmed when her lump was discovered to be cancer spreading throughout her body.

Mrs. Hill complained to her doctor about her inexplicable lump in her breast but Dr. Moise told her to not worry until her next check-up. Upon arriving for her next check-up, Mrs. Hill was not given a mammogram, rather was advised that the lump was likely a cyst of fatty deposit.

After Mrs. Hill became pregnant, she consulted Dr. Moise’s partner who required her to undergo a mammogram and an ultrasound. The test results illustrated breast cancer which has spread throughout her body, and to her liver. Mrs. Hill was forced to undergo several treatments including chemotherapy, a hysterectomy, a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Mrs. Hill was unable to appear and testify in court; her deposition was presented through video.

This case is another example of a doctor’s cancer misdiagnosis; luckily Mrs. Hill received proper medical attention in enough time to combat the cancer. It is still uncertain why Dr. Moise did not require Mrs. Hill to undergo a mammogram or take the necessary precautions to check breast cancer. Hopefully doctors will want to avoid such large malpractice lawsuits and require that patients undergo routinely necessary tests as early as possible.