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Legal Matters June 2008

Submitted by jrlaw on Jun 5th, 2008

In This Issue:

Personal Injury Attorney Jeff Rasansky Highlighted Among Dallas' Best Lawyers

How to Choose a Daycare

FDA Recalls Erectile Dysfunction Pill Xiadafil

Laws of Humor

Personal Injury Attorney Jeff Rasansky Highlighted Among Dallas' Best Lawyers

DALLAS - Dallas personal injury attorney Jeff Rasansky, founder of the Rasansky Law Firm, is featured in D Magazine's recently released list of "The Best Lawyers in Dallas." Mr. Rasansky is one of only 15 attorneys in the city to earn recognition based on their work in personal injury litigation.

To compile "The Best Lawyers in Dallas" listing, D Magazine asked lawyers to nominate attorneys in their same practice area who they rank among the city's best. After the nomination process, a panel of prominent lawyers met with D Magazine's editors to evaluate and finalize the final list.

"The true measure of success for any lawyer is how well they represent their clients," says Mr. Rasansky. "I am honored that the lawyers I work with and against have recognized our work at the firm, and that they consider me among the best lawyers in Dallas."

This marks the third time Mr. Rasansky has been included among the publication's listing of Dallas' top attorneys. This year's list appears in the June issue of D Magazine, and is available at www.dmagazine.com.

The most recent D Magazine honor is the latest in a string of accolades for Mr. Rasansky. He has earned a spot on the prestigious "Texas Super Lawyers" listing in Texas Monthly each of the past five years, and was named one of the "500 Leading Plaintiffs' Attorneys in America" by Lawdragon in 2007.

After earning his law degree from the Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1990, Mr. Rasansky joined a downtown Dallas firm where he learned the legal tactics used by large insurance companies, hospitals and nursing homes. In 1994, he formed The Rasansky Law Firm. Since then, his firm exclusively has represented individuals in cases involving medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, products liability, overtime pay, and serious vehicle accidents.

For more information, visit the firm's Web site at www.jrlawfirm.com or contact Alan Bentrup at 214-559-4630 or alan@legalpr.com.

How to Choose a Daycare

Choosing a daycare can be a daunting task for anyone. How can a parent know which is the right provider and which is a potential threat to your child's safety? With the number of daycare abuse cases going up every year, it is absolutely critical that parents choose the right daycare provider.

Many day care centers perform background checks on employees to see if they have criminal records. Screening can also turn up a history of substance abuse or emotional instability. It is important that you ask the daycare center director about his or her methods in screening providers.

You should also ask who else will have contact with your child. Will janitors, bus drivers or relatives of staff members have access? If the answer is yes to too many people, choose another daycare. Many abuse cases have turned out to be centered around relatives and people who have peripheral access to your child.

Once you have chosen a daycare center, make sure you have spoken with everyone who has access to your child. Also, consider going on a field trip or helping out at a daycare. Get to know what it is like "on the inside". However, to get the best information, it is best to talk with your child. Communication is always the key component in insuring your child's safety.

FDA Recalls Erectile Dysfunction Pill Xiadafil

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall for all Xiadafil VIP tablets sold by SEI Pharmaceuticals of Miami, Florida. These products have an ingredient that can affect a person's blood pressure and may cause other life-threatening side effects. These Xiadafil VIP Tablets are currently marketed as a dietary supplement for sexual enhancement and a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Xiadafil VIP tabs are a supplement-not a medicine-that are claimed to be "all-natural" and are currently being marketed illegally. The FDA found the chemical hydroxyhomosildenafil within the ingredients of the pills, an analog of the active ingredient in the prescription drug "Viagra".

This ingredient can interact with nitrates found in prescription drugs like nitroglycerin and can lower blood pressure to deadly levels. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease are particularly at risk.

Currently Xiadafil is marketed on the internet and at trade shows and may be acquired at some health food stores. The FDA suggests that consumers who have used this product should discontinue use immediately and contact a medical professional if they are experiencing adverse side effects. If you have taken these supplements and have experienced side effects, contact us immediately.

The Rasansky Law Firm's Laws of Humor

Organizers of an Olympics event were ordered to pay damages to a man who missed the event due to heavy traffic. In Japan, a court has ordered the organizers of the Nagano Winter Olympics to pay damages for mental anguish to a spectator who missed an event because of heavy traffic.

A German bank robber was arrested recently after a teller realized the robber was hard of hearing and tripped an alarm. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the robber is now suing the bank for exploiting his disability.

A Los Angeles attorney sued another attorney who had hung a cardboard tombstone in his office that read, "R.I.P./Jerry Garcia (a few too many parties perhaps?)." The plaintiff lawyer, a Garcia groupie, alleged this joke caused him "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress" after seeing the sign. He further added that he had suffered injury to his mind and body (specifics were not listed in the suit).

A surfer recently sued another surfer for "taking his wave." The case was ultimately dismissed because they were unable to put a price on "pain and suffering" endured by watching someone ride the wave that was "intended for you."