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Another Botulism Contamination Scare - French Cut Green Beans

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

August 9th, 2007

French-cut green beans manufactured by Lakeside Foods Inc. could be tainted with the toxin that causes botulism.

The affected Lakeside French-cut green beans are sold nationwide under the brands: Albertson's, Happy Harvest, Best Choice, Food Club, Bogopa, Valu Time, Hill Country Fare, HEB, Laura Lynn, Kroger, No Name, North Pride, Shop N Save, Shoppers Valu, Schnucks, Cub Foods, Dierbergs, Flavorite, IGA, Best Choice and Thrifty Maid.

The warning applies to cans with the following codes: EAA5247, EAA5257, EAA5267, EAA5277, EAB5247, EAB5257, ECA5207, ECA5217, ECA5227, ECA5297, ECB5207, ECB5217, ECB5227, ECB5307.

The FDA said the beans may not have been processed adequately to eliminate the potential for botulinum toxin, which can cause a life-threatening illness. Lakeside Foods is recalling 15,000 cases of green beans because of the botulism concern.

The FDA said no illnesses had been reported due to consumption of the green beans as of August 1.