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Parents Sue Daycare Over 'Thumbtack' Punishment

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

ADDISON, TX - Some angry North Texas parents filed a lawsuit today against a popular daycare chain. The couple's son says his teacher repeatedly stuck children with thumbtacks as punishment.

According to the lawsuit, the parents of one child claim a woman who taught their son’s class had punished children by sticking them in their backs and shoulders with thumbtacks and other sharp instruments.

The Addison daycare is currently known as KinderCare Learning Center, but when the incident in question occurred, it was called Childrens World Learning Center. Both of the companies are owned by the Knowledge Learning Corporation of Portland, Oregon.

This is not the only problem facing the learning center. CBS 11 News obtained reports that verify the center has committed more than 30 state violations in less than two years.

In a press release, attorney Jeff Rasansky, who represents parents Brandon Medlock Sr. and Katrina Perkins in their claims on behalf of their son Brandon Jr., said, "this is one of the most egregious cases of employee misconduct and day care center abuse that I've ever seen."

The parents said they were shocked and furious when they learned what had happened to their (then 2-year-old) son. "We'd notice little scars on his back, but we never did think that our son was getting tortured at a daycare facility," said Medlock Sr.

The state cited the center for inappropriate behavior. Since January of 2006 the center has been cited 39 times, but only four of those involve inappropriate corporal punishment.

Both Medlock Sr. and Perkins say their son is physically okay, but emotionally is somewhat distrustful of teachers.

Rasansky doesn’t want the incident to be swept under the rug. "To make sure that all the children that are currently enrolled at the school, to make sure that they're [parents] put on notice that they need to be diligent in looking after their children."

The Knowledge Learning Corporation responded to calls from CBS 11 News and said they had just learned of the lawsuit and since they haven't seen it, could not comment on it.

source: cbs11tv.com