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Day Care Owner Found Guilty in Death of 6-year old

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 9th, 2009

According to the Associated Press, a jury has found a former McMinnville, Tenn. day care owner guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a 6-year-old and the abuse of her two older brothers. On Tuesday, March 4, the jury recommended a life sentence for 41-year-old Sherri Mathis, with sentencing scheduled for April 23.

The jury found guilty verdicts on nine criminal counts, including two charges of first-degree murder by aggravated child abuse and neglect. Mathis was also found guilty on charges of aggravated child abuse for beating and choking the child and her brothers.

According to the article, defense attorneys argued that Delp's prescription medication caused her to have a fatal heart attack. Mathis had custody of the children because their parents had legal issues.

In many cases daycare abuse is hard to see and in many cases goes unnoticed and unpunished. If you believe your child has experienced abuse or neglect while under the care of a daycare, nanny or other professional, contact a Daycare Abuse Attorney immediately.