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Is Your Dog Current on Vaccinations?

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 18th, 2009

In Denton, a 78 year old woman named Shirley George understands the importance of proper vaccinations for dogs. T.V. channel WFAA reports that George was bit by a dog at a dog park when she was attempting to protect her daughter’s small terrier mix from a larger and aggressive dog. After George was bit by the dog, she left the dog park immediately to go to the emergency room for medical treatment. She was unable to speak with the dog’s owner before leaving the park.

Others at the dog park report trying to speak with the dog owner to determine if the dog was current on rabies vaccinations and receiving no response. George was advised by a doctor to get a series of five rabies shots, but has declined to do so.
Every state in the United States requires dogs to be current on rabies vaccinations. This means that, depending on where you live, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies every one year to every three years. This is designed to protect not just the dog, but also people who may become potential dog bite victims. Failure to vaccinate your dog against rabies can lead to increased dog bite liability if someone gets bit, because of the possible danger of rabies.
As a dog owner, the law states that you must vaccinate your dog. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires a vaccine for dogs and cats every one to three years depending on the vaccine used. The department also states that you are liable for damages that others incur when your dog bites them. In some states, this is a strict liability offense, meaning if your dog bites, then you are presumed responsible. In this case, failure to have your dog properly vaccinated can lead to additional damages.
Regardless of whether you are a dog owner or a dog bite victim, you may need legal help. You should consult with an experienced dog bite attorney to determine what steps you must take to protect yourself. We deal with dog bite injury cases and will use our knowledge and background to assess your case. Just take a moment to fill in our form and we will review your case free of charge.