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Why Are 16 Workers Killed Per Day?

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 9th, 2009

You might think that a startling statistic like 16 workers killed per day would be the latest crime report out of Dallas, or at least a sobering statistic on medical malpractice. Would you believe though that this statistic comes straight from our American workforce? The Web site 16 Deaths Per Day is devoted to exposing the shocking truths of on the job deaths and petitioning Americans to come forward and do something to change the egregious laws that are killing innocent people but still protecting employers. 

On the five-minute video, Charles Jeffress, the former Assistant Secretary of Labor, for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), states plainly that the “law is inadequate.”
This mini-documentary emphasizes the point that OSHA is incapable of supervising the activities of America’s employers, who are clearly using underhanded methods to profit—at the expense of 16 workers killed per day. Doing the math, the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau states, it would take OSAH 133 years to thoroughly inspect all of America’s workplaces—and that is just one inspection for each company. Furthermore, numerically speaking, there is only one OSHA inspector to oversee 63,919 employees.
The facts are truly scary when you think about how low some companies will go to save a few bucks. The video at 16 Deaths Per Day reveals that some of the top employers continue to remain quiet about the dangers of confined spaces and also fail to prevent new and unqualified employees from entering the same confined spaces, which inevitably leads toworkplace fatalities.
Jeffress states that the big employers “would rather pay fines than bring their plants into compliance.” Considering that if a worker dies on the job after the company willfully demonstrates negligence that results in a fatality, the only comeuppance the employer faces is a six month misdemeanor charge. 
While 16 Deaths Per Day continues to push legislation, we at The Rasansky Law Firm are asking you to stand up for your rights! If you have lost someone you love because of workplace fatalitiesthen you may have the right to sue. You may be entitled to wrongful death damages, pain and suffering and even punitive damages that will hit the big employers where it really hurts—their wallet. Call 1-800-ATTORNEY(1-800-288-6763) and talk to a Rasansky Law Firm lawyer about your case. On the job deathsare not the fault of the hardworking employee.