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What Hazards Does Traffic Pose?

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 30th, 2010

Car accident personal injury attorneys frequently run into very similar cases. This is simply because some driving conditions, and some types of drivers, are inherently more dangerous than others. Accidents tend to occur under similar conditions, as these conditions make it difficult for drivers to see or, in the case of heavy traffic, because the stress that they cause leads to poor judgment and impatience. If you want to play it safe, there are certain types of conditions and drivers that you can try to avoid.

The majority of fatal car crashes involve drivers between the ages of 18-28. This is not because these drivers are inherently bad. In fact, those are the ages when your reflexes are the best they’ll ever be. However, it’s also the age range where people tend to do the most driving and when they’re most likely to make bad decisions. Experience counts for a lot where driving is concerned and, quite simply, these drivers don’t have enough of it to know what to do in bad situations. Oftentimes, a car wreck attorney will find themselves representing someone who has been hurt, or killed, by one of these younger drivers.

You should always keep an eye out at intersections. In 2008, there were 57 fatal accidents in Texas due to people not yielding the right away at stop signs. Remember that, even if a driver makes eye contact with you, they may still rush out in front of you or fail to stop completely. Always assume there’s someone barreling toward any intersection you approach, and be prepared to take appropriate action. If someone has injured you in one of these wrecks, you should definitely call an attorney to explore whether or not you have a case.

While people do like to get around fast, speeding caused more fatalities in 2008 than any other single cause. A good lawyer will make sure that your rights are represented if you’re hurt by such an individual. In 2008, over 350 people were killed in urban areas by drivers who failed to control their speed. A Dallas car accident that involves a speeder is always cause to call an attorney. You have the right to expect other drivers to respect the rules and, when they do not, you have the right to seek compensation for any injuries that you suffer because of their lack of consideration.