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What Does DFW’s Lawsuit Against Chesapeake Prove?

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 23rd, 2009

WFAA-TV reported on a story covering the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth’s lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy. Committees representing the cities, which own the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, believe that Chesapeake Energy shorted the airport several million dollars.


A short time ago, it was predicted that drilling for natural gas on the airport property would bolster growth for well into the next century. However, the city is now claiming that Chesapeake Energy has stopped all drilling prematurely and has also ignored its financial obligations.


The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has relied upon this natural gas drilling profit for quite some time, using the funds for various renovations. The bonus money alone, not counting the regular income, was said to be $185 million. 

Chesapeake Energy founded in 1989 and stationed in Oklahoma City, is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the U.S. and currently the most active driller of new wells.
The airport believes that Chesapeake Energy has “ignored its royalty pricing obligations” and short-changed them by an estimated (and generous) figure of $6,624,525.60 for the period of September 2007 to December 2008. The City Board representing the interests of the airport believes that the driller has been selling energy to the same buyer for a substandard price.
Mediation has not proven successful and both companies are ready to go to court. The preliminary date is October 2010. Unfortunately, problems with utility companies are nothing new to consumers, property owners or even to public institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 
What can you do when a utility company tries to take advantage of you? You can choose to accept it or you can take the case to court. Whether you have been overcharged by the company or have been short changed money that is owed to you, you do have legal rights. 
In order to sue a utility company, you must have recognized documentation in your favor. A lawyer can help you build the rest of your case based on your evidence. If you have experienced problems with a utility company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Rasansky Law Firm today.