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What is Covered Under Premise Liability?

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 16th, 2010

A lot of the cases a personal injury attorney takes have to do with premise liability. These may involve slip and fall accidents in commercial spaces or other types of disasters that should have been avoided. The crux of these cases is that the person who was injured had every reason to believe that they were entering a safe environment—one that they were invited to enter—and that they were injured in a way that they could not have foreseen. There are several different ways that these injuries can come about.

  • Slippery Floors
  • Slippery Stairs
  • Defective Escalators/Elevators
  • Unstable Stair Railings or Fixtures
  • Unstable Chairs

When a commercial establishment invites you in, they’re implicitly guaranteeing that you’re not walking into what amounts to a hazard to your life and limb. They have responsibilities to live up to. If they don’t, your best option may be to contact a personal injury lawyer. These professionals understand the laws that apply to premise liability inside and out, literally, and they can make sure that you’re represented in court, if need be. You may also receive a settlement from these cases if it’s clear to the premise owner that they were at fault.

Remember that there are limits to this law. For example, if you slid down the stair railing at a store and were injured, that’s not really the storeowner’s fault. You have to be behaving in a reasonable way relative to the premises you entered. If you got injured playing with sports equipment in a department store, you don’t have much chance of winning a lawsuit. If you got injured in a gym because a dangerous surface caused you to slip while playing basketball, you may well have a lawsuit. Common sense does count for something in these lawsuits.

You can contact an attorney to see if there’s a chance that you could receive compensation under premise liability law. Even the best personal injury law firm, however, cannot guarantee that you will. This is why they oftentimes work on contingency. They’ll build your case and go all the way to a jury trial, if need be, but you don’t pay anything unless they win that case. This makes sure that you’re able to get representation, even if you don’t have any money to pay for it upfront. Contact an attorney to see if you have a case.