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Surviving a Big Rig Crash

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 3rd, 2010

There are few things as terrifying as a big rig crash. These massive vehicles, when they’re loaded and moving at freeway speeds, can utterly destroy a passenger vehicle. Sadly, this happens every year to too many people. In the worst cases, someone dies. Too often, these deaths occur because of negligence on the part of the truckers or the companies for whom they work. If someone you love has been hurt or killed, or if you’ve been injured, there are people who will help you deal with the financial and emotional fallout of these wrecks.

A wrongful death lawyer can handle these cases and make sure that you get your day in court. In some cases, the companies will offer a settlement, helping you to avoid the further trauma of going to trial. In any case, these lawyers are able to stand up to these companies for you and, no matter how much money the trucking company may have behind it, you won’t be outmatched. Lawyers who handle these cases are not intimidated by what the trucking company may throw at you, and there’s no reason you should face this kind of a fight on your own.

Many of the big rig crashes that end up in deaths are handled by the same lawyers who handle car wrecks in general. While there are specific laws and regulations that apply to the trucking industry, you have as much right to the road as they do and they have the same obligation that every driver has to follow the rules and to respect other drivers. Whether or not they’re bigger than you, they haven’t any more rights than you do and attorneys can make sure that your rights are respected.

A big rig collision that results in serious injuries or deaths sometimes also results in an almost immediate settlement offer. Don’t take these without consulting with an attorney. Many attorneys who handle these cases will work on contingency, which means that you can consult with them for free. The trucking companies will likely not be happy that you decide to go with an attorney, only because they know that you’re not alone at that point. For them, this means facing responsibility for their actions and not being able to intimidate or buy off the people they’ve wronged, as those people have options when they have an attorney.