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Personal Injury Lawyer | Getting out of Dangerous Traffic Safely

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 15th, 2010

In many cases, a car wreck could have been totally avoided if someone had known what to do in a dangerous traffic situation. In some cases, people will find themselves involved in a Dallas car accident because they didn’t even identify a hazard that may have been obvious to another driver. If you’re making your way around the city, be sure to follow some simple guidelines that apply in any urban area. If you do, you’ll find yourself much less likely to end up on a car wreck.

Watch out for packs of vehicles following one another very closely and riding alongside each other in different lanes. This sort of bunching tends to happen naturally, as people driving about the same speed start to get grouped up, passing those going slower and being passed by those going faster. If you can get away from these packs of cars, do so. When cars are grouped tightly, every driver has less time to react to hazards on the road and pile ups often occur.

Keep an eye out for drivers who are being overly-aggressive. If someone is riding your tail or trying to muscle their way into a lane and it’s safe to do so, get out of their way. Even if you have a bigger, heavier vehicle, it’s best to just let them go, frustrating as it may be sometimes.

In many cases, a drunk driver is the culprit behind a Dallas car accident. If someone is driving in a way that leads you to suspect that they’re drunk, and especially if they’re obviously drunk, try to stay away from them. They’re genuine hazards and it’s best to give them plenty of room as they’re not really capable of controlling their vehicles safely.

If you end up getting hit by someone driving dangerously, contact a vehicle accident lawyer. When you’ve done everything you could to drive safely and someone else’s negligence causes you injury, you shouldn’t be stuck with the expenses that come with those injuries. Remember that it’s best to talk to your lawyer first, even before your insurance company. Car accidents claim thousands of lives every year and even more people are hurt or have their property destroyed by them. An attorney may be able to put together a claim for you that will get you financial compensation for your injuries and your pain and suffering.