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Mild Winters are Dangerous Winters on the Road

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 15th, 2010

In the winter, the comparatively mild conditions sometimes make it seem like you’re at less risk of getting in a Dallas car accident than is truly the case. In areas where the winters are severe and the snow is deep, just about everyone is a very experienced, competent and, above all other things, patient winter driver. In Dallas, winter weather is usually characterized by freezing rain and sometimes a bit of snow. Believe it or not, this presents some dangers that people in snowier climes don’t face quite as often.

In a very snowy area, drivers who start sliding out of control will oftentimes aim for the closest snow bank to stop themselves. It does damage, to be sure, but it’s a lot better than hitting a car, telephone pole or other unyielding surface. In climates such as Dallas, there may be enough snow on the road to make you lose control, but there’s certainly not a 6-foot snow bank anywhere to stop you from sliding. In some ways, milder climates present the same dangers with none of the benefits of having a roadway covered in soft, forgiving snow.

Freezing rain is also particularly deadly. Snow is pretty obvious when you see it on the road. Freezing rain, however, looks no different than any other rain on the road. That sheen of water you see on the road may actually be a coating of ice that will immediately destroy your vehicle’s grip on the road. Watch out for this. If it starts to rain and it feels very cold out, assume the rain is freezing and slow down until you know otherwise.

Be careful around areas that are shaded during the day. Even though Dallas gets warm on most winter days, areas that receive little or no sun may hide a sheet of ice. This is particularly dangerous on corners, and you need to stay sharp and watch out for these risks.

A car accident personal injury attorney can help you if you get hit by someone else. There may be a lawsuit option available to you if you were injured or your property was destroyed. While winter conditions present challenges, drivers still have a responsibility to be on top of their game. If they were negligent and you were hurt, talking to an attorney may be the first step in getting compensation.