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Medical Malpractice and Incompetence

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 9th, 2010

Medical doctors lead famously stressful lives. They work long hours, pay a lot for their education and are held to higher standards than most other professionals. Unfortunately, some of these elements of their lives are at cross purposes with others. Doctors are oftentimes worked long hours to keep the profitability of hospitals high, but this means diminishing results in patient care. Medical malpractice law claims oftentimes deal with the results of this unhappy situation. In some cases, it’s the fact that the patient is simply treated as disposable that causes the problem.

A common incarnation of this is being prescribed a medication that is entirely inappropriate for the condition or the patient. This may occur because the patient’s condition was not diagnosed properly. It may also occur because of medical negligence: being prescribed an antibiotic that you’re allergic to, for instance, when that allergy was clearly noted on your records. While an attorney can provide recourse in these situations, your best option is to know your own medical history. If you’re allergic to penicillin, for instance, and a doctor writes you a prescription for amoxicillin, that should be a huge red flag.

Sometimes, physician malpractice results from conditions not being taken seriously enough. There are plenty of horror stories—especially involving those who cannot afford insurance—where a doctor makes a hasty diagnosis and sends someone out of their office as quickly as possible. In some cases, an oncoming heart attack may be written off as indigestion or a stroke whose imminent nature is betrayed by tests may not be noticed. These are cases where a physician has clearly been incompetent. In some cases, this may rob you of a loved one. That can never be undone, but you shouldn’t be paying for it on top of it all.

Medical malpractice lawyers are not intimidated by hospitals or doctors. In fact, they have their own resources that can help point out where a hospital may be being a bit less than honest in an effort to lessen their liability. They’re not going to divulge your confidential medical information, either. It’s part of their job to be a trustworthy resource for their clients, and they have to take that seriously to stay in business. Just like a doctor, a competent attorney can change your life, even when someone has seemingly done everything they can to make it worse.

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