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How Senior Abuse Happens

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 16th, 2010

Senior abuse is a very common problem. It most often occurs in nursing home settings. It may be the result of incompetence on the part of the staff or the facility or it may be outright cruelty for cruelty’s sake. Getting older oftentimes involves significant changes in how people socialize and, of course, always involves more medical care and more dependence on others for your well-being. This, unfortunately, opens up a lot of doors for abusers. The abuse is sometimes motivated by crime; elders are sometimes stolen from by their caregivers.

Elder abuse in nursing homes can be in the form of physical abuse, the misuse or overuse of medications or may mean simply being isolated and not cared for as needed. Nursing home environments are rich feeding grounds for the sort of people who are willing to exploit the elderly. Many elderly people have items of significant value that they may not notice have been taken. Elderly people sometimes suffer from delusions of being persecuted, as well, and this means that their stories may sometimes not be regarded as true. It is also very easy for an abusive healthcare worker to get an elderly person alone, and this is oftentimes how they find opportunities to hurt older individuals.

Nursing home abuse lawyers can help you recover damages, but you need to remove any loved one from any abusive situation before anything else. If there is a clear violation of the law, or one is suspected, you should contact the authorities. It’s sometimes rather difficult to get elderly people to open up about abuse. Aside from being embarrassing, the abuser oftentimes will get the person alone again, and the victim knows that retaliation is likely. This puts them in a very dire situation.

Any abuse of elderly patients that is allowed to go on is a clear case of nursing home negligence. The nursing home is responsible for providing a safe environment for all of its residents. It’s their duty to make sure that there isn’t abuse going on and to identify it, root it out and deal with it properly when it does occur. If they’ve failed you or a loved one in this duty, it’s a good idea to seek legal representation. Some of these cases win very large settlements for the victims for their pain and suffering and for any physical injury they’ve suffered.

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