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Highway Safety Tips for New Drivers

Submitted by jrlaw on Sep 10th, 2010

Any car accident personal injury attorney can tell you that young people account for a lot of the roadway accidents. This is usually the result of a lack of experience and the risk-taking behavior that is characteristic of young people. Some of the hazards on the road, however, are not posed by young people but pose particular threats to them. Adult drivers have years of experience under their belts that keep them safe. For younger drivers, there are some basic concepts of staying safe on the road that should be kept in mind at all times.

Intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road. If you’re in a Dallas car accident, it’s very likely that it will be at a stoplight or a stop sign. Watch out for drivers who roll up to intersections without slowing until the last minute. Drivers who approach stop signs and stoplights fast aren’t thinking about stopping; they’re thinking about driving through. This is something that you have to learn to accommodate as a driver. Not all drivers are courteous, and you need to be aware of when one of them is about to do something less than intelligent.

Sometimes, a driver will look right at you and not see you. This can even include making eye contact. This is also particularly true if you’re on a motorcycle or a scooter. Any car wreck attorney who has been in business for a while has likely had plenty of injured clients who thought the driver that hit them knew they were coming. Sometimes, drivers look directly at cars, motorcycles, bikes and even big rigs and don’t even see them. Always assume that you’re invisible on the road, and drive as if no one can see you coming.

If you’re in a wreck, remember that a car accident personal injury attorney is a resource for making sure that your rights are represented. Oftentimes, young people are assumed to be at fault in any accident they’re involved in, whether or not that is the case. If you’ve been hurt or injured by another driver, consider talking to an attorney. Many of them require no upfront fees to pursue your case and they’ll only get paid if they win a settlement or a jury award for you. New drivers have all of the rights and responsibilities on the road as do older, more experienced, drivers.



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