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Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit

Submitted by jrlaw on Aug 16th, 2010

Product liability lawsuits can be a bit tricky. There are plenty of occasions when people are injured using dangerous products. However, there are some products that are inherently dangerous and that are labeled as being so. What makes a lawsuit over a defective product valid is when you had every expectation of not being injured and the product failed in some way to live up to that expectation. There are several ways that the law related to consumer products functions to hold manufacturer’s responsible for their products.

A defective product attorney can determine whether or not you have a case. They’ll need to know, however, the exact circumstances of the accident and how it occurred. If you were using the product in a way that goes against the indicated uses, there is no lawsuit available to you. Manufacturers are generally very good about labeling their products as to what hazards they pose, and they’re not responsible if you hurt yourself for them. They are most certainly responsible, however, if they hurt you through no fault of their own. Some of the hesitation people have regarding these lawsuits comes from a natural concern that it’s all their fault. This is rarely the case, however.

Most people are very sensible about how they use products, and most use them according to the directions. Most people do not, for instance, put a radio by the sink, use a circular saw without eye protection or shoot a BB gun at other people. Filing a product liability lawsuit depends on your having been responsible in this way. When a product doesn’t perform as advertised or when it performs in a way that is dangerous when used as intended, there is a chance that you may be able to recover damages from a lawsuit.

Product liability law firms will work hard to find out if you have a case. Some of the jury awards and settlements people win from these cases are substantial. While the media tends to cover the ones where a claimant wins a huge settlement that they don’t’ seem to deserve, product liability law functions to protect thousands of people every year. If you’ve been hurt or injured, remember that there is a legal option available to you. Look for an attorney who works on contingency; this usually involves a free consultation, which is a big help.