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Filing a Claim for Negligence Against a Driver

Submitted by jrlaw on Apr 28th, 2011

Before you start thinking about filing a claim for negligence against another driver, you have to contact a competent attorney. A good Dallas auto accident lawyer can make sure that your case has the best chance of winning in court but, of course, you won't know if it will win or not until it's argued in front of a jury. To increase your chances, you want to make sure that your lawyer has some qualifications in this area.

A Proven Track Record

Look to a lawyer who has served as a car accident lawyer for many clients. Flashy advertising is no substitute for experience. You'll need to make sure that they understand the nuances of the law in this regard and that they're qualified to take your case to court and, if necessary, to argue it in front of a jury.

A Good Way with Clients

Your attorney should inspire confidence in you. A good attorney knows how to instill confidence in their clients and they do it, principally, by simply doing their jobs well. When you have a good attorney, you won't be intimidated about going to court to have your claim tested. In fact, you'll look forward to it as you'll be ready for the fight and feel completely able to handle whatever might be thrown your way.


An attorney that tells you your case will definitely win is not being honest. One way to gauge their confidence, however, is to work with a lawyer that works on contingency. Under these agreements, the lawyer doesn’t get paid if they lose the claim or if they fail to get a settlement for you from the other driver. This is a great way to make sure that the attorney has the utmost confidence in your claim, as they're willing to bet their own pay on their ability to argue it successfully for you.


A good attorney, above all other things, is smart. They need to have a comprehensive grasp of the law and they should be willing to sit down with you and go over your case so that they can answer all of your questions. It's amazing how much confidence the right legal counsel can inspire in anyone. If you're worried about your lawyer being up to the task, look around a bit more. There are excellent lawyer that work on contingency and that specialize in helping people who were injured in car accidents.