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Discovering Abuse in Daycare

Submitted by jrlaw on Jul 7th, 2010

Sometimes, finding out if abuse has been going on at a daycare facility is very difficult. For obvious reasons, any rational person will wonder whether or not they’re just imagining a worst case scenario fantasy and completely overreacting. Don’t discount your instincts as a parent. They’re there for a reason, and you shouldn’t take risks if something seems awry at the daycare facility you use. Some types of abuse, however, become obvious once they’re seen and this is almost more difficult to deal with at times.

Bruising of any sort should always be examined. Of course, children bruise themselves all the time. In fact, a bit of vigorous exercise is good for children and, oftentimes, that’s when they’re having the most fun. A lot of children enjoy telling you war stories about how they got this bruise or that scrape. When they don’t want to talk about it, however, it usually means that something’s wrong. Children are usually very honest—sometimes to a fault—and when they close off emotionally to their parents, there may be something going on during the day that needs to be addressed. Be especially wary of bruises in areas where adults tend to grab children, such as the wrists and elbows.

There is a chance that a child is going to tell you about something that’s going to send you into a blind rage. You wouldn’t be the first person to have this happen. It maybe that your child was struck by a daycare worker, that they were allowed to do something anyone should have known was potentially deadly or that they were abused in the worst of ways. If there is clear physical daycare child abuse going on, you should contact the authorities. They know how to handle it in the best way for everyone.

It might be advisable for you to contact a daycare abuse law firm. If your child was abused, it’s going to take a while for them to recover, and they may require professional care to recover fully. A lawsuit may be your best way to recover your damages in the form of a payout from settlement or from a jury award. These cases are obviously something that you’re going to have hesitation about, because of your child being involved. In the long run, you may be doing them more of a favor by pursuing it and collecting your damages.