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Building a Work Injury Claim

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 5th, 2010

There are some cases when workers are injured but when they don’t want to rock the boat. This is understandable. Unfortunately, most people do live paycheck to paycheck. The idea of losing your job can be terrifying. If you’ve been put into a situation by your employer that resulted in your being injured, however, you may want to contact a personal injury law firm. They can help you to find out if you have a case against your employer that could result in financial compensation from a jury trial or from a settlement. The first step is identifying a bad situation.

There is no reason that an employer should put you in a dangerous situation that you weren’t trained for. There are cases, of course, where people simply have dangerous jobs. Workers who labor on oil rigs, for example, generally know the risks of their jobs and undertake them willingly. There are cases, however, where a personal injury lawyer may be able to establish that an employer didn’t provide adequate protection for their employees, even if they happened to be working a very dangerous job at the time. These incidents oftentimes result in lawsuits being filed.

A lawyer will have to look over your case to see the facts of what happened. If your personal injury attorney feels that your employer wronged you by putting you in a dangerous situation that you shouldn’t have been in, they may want to take your case. While money may be an issue where your employment is concerned, it won’t necessarily be one with legal representation. If you find an attorney who works on contingency, you can pursue your costs and only pay fees for the lawyer’s services if they actually manage to win your case.

Finding a personal injury law firm may be the first step in recovering financial damages done to you by your employer. There’s no reason that an employee shouldn’t feel that their employer is concerned about their safety. If an employer has taken actions, or failed to take actions, and you have been injured as a result, you should seek representation. The laws in this area are very established. There is no guarantee that you’ll win such a case, of course. Meeting with an attorney to see if your case seems likely to win, however, is the first step in seeking compensation for your injuries.